Smart capacitor (HZ-81)

Product working principleHZ-81 series smart capacitor is a new generation intelligent power reactive power compensation devic

Product working principle

HZ-81 series smart capacitor is a new generation intelligent power reactive power compensation device applied to 0.4KV low voltage power grid, It is based on two groups (△type) or a group (Y type) low voltage power capacitors, The latest technological achievements such as microelectronics hardware and software technology, micro-sensing technology, micro-
network technology and electrical manufacturing technology, Replacement by intelligent reactive power compensation controller, fuse, contactor, thermal relay, indicator light. A conventional reactive power compensation device assembled from
a variety of distributed electrical components such as low-voltage power capacitors.

The common and divided reactive power compensation device composed of smart capacitors is reliable and easy to use, with zero-crossing switching, AC parameter measurement, self-protection, self-organizing network connection and other functions, is a major breakthrough in low-voltage power reactive power automatic compensation technology, flexible for all occasions of
low voltage reactive compensation, it has many advantages such as simple structure, convenient production, low cost,
improved performance and easy maintenance.

Product working principle
HZ series intelligent capacitors are mainly composed of intelligent components, zero-crossing switching and switching devices, low
-voltage power capacitors, and collection of internal temperature and current signals of capacitors and capacitors, A schematic diagram of the electrical principle of working together and supplementing the smart capacitor product (as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2).

Smart capacitor (HZ-81)(图1)

Smart capacitor (HZ-81)(图2)

Smart capacitor (HZ-81)(图3)

Smart capacitor (HZ-81)(图4)

Control function
Switching switch electrical contact disconnected state voltage zero-crossing operation low-voltage power capacitor, the current zero-crossing returns the low-voltage power capacitor when the contact is closed.
Manual control: Manually control the commissioning or return of low voltage power capacitors.
Automatic control: The low voltage power capacitor is automatically put into operation or returned according to the measuredvoltage, reactive power, power factor, and the set values of these physical quantities.
Communication control: External controller, performing or returning a low-voltage power capacitor according to the controller's control communication command; External display, the operating state of the low-voltage power capacitor, the fault state, and the power factor value of the compensation system are displayed according to the transmission communication command that the display receives the smart capacitor put-in or return status.

Multiple online automatic control: Automatically generate a host when multiple uses, the rest is a slave, forming the low voltage
reactive power compensation automatic control system; individual slave failure automatically exits, does not affect the rest of thenormal work; after the host fails to exit automatically, it is automatically generated in the remaining slaves - a new host, compose a new system to work properly; capacitors with the same capacity according to the principle of cyclic switching, capacitors with different capacities are cut according to the principle of capacity, make sure there is no oscillation in the switching.
Mixed compensation function: Three-phase load imbalance in the grid, it can be combined with three-phase common compensation
and three-phase compensation, according to the reactive power shortage of each phase, the three-phase switching compensation is used to achieve reactive power optimization.

Measurement and display function
Measurement and display of distribution voltage, distribution current, and distribution power factor. Current measurement and display of each phase inside each low-voltage power capacitor body.
The internal temperature measurement and display of each low-voltage power capacitor body.
The capacity of each low-voltage power capacitor is automatically corrected for measurement and display. Distribution current transformer phase automatic correction and ratio automatic measurement and display.

Protective function
Distribution overvoltage, undervoltage, loss of voltage and phase loss protection. Current speed cut total protection. The power supply is over temperature protected.
Each phase of each low-voltage power capacitor is over-current protected.
The internal temperature of each low-voltage power capacitor body is over-temperature segmented.

Signal function
Each low-voltage power capacitor is put into operation, returned, and fault status signals. Protect the action type signal.
Self-diagnosis fault signal.

Man-machine dialogue function
Backlit LCD display text and digital display.
The LED light of the LED is displayed in three colors of yellow, green and red. Manual operation by dialing keys and button mode.

Smart capacitor (HZ-81)(图5)

Smart capacitor (HZ-81)(图6)

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Smart capacitor (HZ-81)(图8)